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Regulators & Rectifiers

Since 19 years Siccama Sales has been the importer of Electrex World Ltd. for Germany and the Netherlands. Electrex World Ltd. is an English manufacturer of regulators and rectifiers for road, crossroad, off road and race bikes.

Many modern motorcycle generators produce an alternating current that isn't adjusted to the electrica lneeds of your bike. This is because all electrical systems on a bike use direct current, in which case there is a constant polarity.

The benefits of an AC generator (alternator) are that it is smaller and and more efficient than a generator. To use this for a bike you would need a regulator or recitifier.
Siccama Sales offers a wide range of regulators and rectifiers. By using the search function and entering motorcycle make and model, you will directly find all the products suited for your bike.

We are currently working very hard to put all our components and content online. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us for a good and honest advice.

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